Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Review: Gods At War

About the Book:
The next step in becoming a completely committed follower of Jesus. False gods war within each and every one of us, fighting for a place of glory and control in our lives. In this student edition of gods at war, Kyle Idleman, bestselling author of Not a Fan, demonstrates how the desire for things like popularity, acceptance, and success can become modern-day idols that keep us from truly following Jesus Christ. Behind the everyday pressures, fears, and lack of purpose is a false god who too often is winning the war in our hearts. By asking insightful questions and looking at the issues from a teen's point of view, Idleman reveals which false gods most often take the place of the one true God. Then, using powerful and honest testimonies of people like you who have struggled in each area, gods at war student edition illustrates a clear path away from the heartache of 21st-century idolatry back to the heart of God.

My Review:
gods at war is an inspiring devotional that motivates it's readers to examine their spiritual lives and identify those gods that are trying to, and in fact are taking the place of God. Kyle offered such insightful views on the whole topic of idolatry and the root of every issue: selfishness. Reading through this book opened my eyes to the fact that everyday things, objects of our everyday lives can easily become idols and strongholds in our lives. Kyle Idleman address the struggles that come our way as young adults, adults, and tweens. There was also humor peppered all through this read, which made it even more enjoyable to read.

One highlights of this book is the fact that younger audineces can easily relate to and understand the topics. Also, its humor, it's straightforwardness, and most importantly, the fact that is it Bible based and heavily scriptural is also a highlight. Unlike many other spiritual books out today, gods at war was very honest about idolatry. It wasn't a watered down sugar-coated version of what the Bible says. 

I think that anyone who reads gods at war will definitely benefit from it's insight and message.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

BFF Tag! With Alicia

Alicia is such a gem. She and I are cousins who grew up like sisters. We are only three weeks apart. She said, (and I totally agree!) that she is my prima hmna, crib-mate, babysitting buddy, crime fighting, make believe playmate, long time confidant, and sister-in-Christ. I love her so much and have truly been blessed by her! 

A while back, she and I collaborated in filming a BFF Tag. You can watch part 1 on her blog here and enjoy part 2 + funny bloopers on mine :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tomorrow Is A Really Big Day + Giveaway Winner

If you follow me on Instagram (@kianna_rose) then you might know that tomorrow I take my SATs! I'll admit, I am pretty excited for this test! When I attended public school, I was a great test taker. I paced myself well, I was never one to have nervous breakdowns and I always scored high (so I hope that those good test taking skills will be present)! Tomorrow, though, I will be confronted with a much longer test, one whose score can very well determine my college education! 

Since the beginning of 11th grade, I have been prepping and studying for this test. I've worked on my vocabulary and I've watched YouTube videos to sharpen my math skills. I spent much of this week in my room taking practice tests, so I believe that mentally, I am prepared. All of this prepping got me thinking: What if I don't score well? Several times I simply brushed these thoughts aside, but this week, I addressed those creeping fears. So, what if, for some reason, I don't score well? I am continually reminded of my life verse, Jeremiah 29:11 
If I don't score well, I know that HE was in control. I know that HE has my life in His hands and HE knows what is best for me! Maybe I won't go to college or pursue a profession. Maybe that isn't God's will for my life. BUT, I want to leave the results up to HIM and be content with whatever happens!

I was telling my mom today that I am excited for this test. I told her that it excites me to know that this it's the first step in my plan to attending college, it's the first step to a future that HE has mapped out for me. I look forward to a wonderful future and all that awaits me. I know that there will be challenges and struggles ahead but I also know that there will be victories!


Now, onto the winner! Thank you ladies for sharing your favorite apps and entering my April giveaway. The winner is: Karen!!! Congratulations! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things || April + A Giveaway

Ah… April has been a lovely month. Many days were warm and sunny and just made me excited for spring and summer! Who is ready for more favorites? Oh, and before I forget, I purchased a new something special that I hope to talk about in next month's installment of A Few Of My Favorite Things so sty tuned!

1. Okay! I just had to try the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer! I had such a good experience with their Baby Lips lip balms (did I mention that I bought another one?) that I had a pretty good feeling that this pore eraser/primer would be amazing. For a while, I had been on the hunt for a product that would blur my pores and give me a more even looking face. I'm telling you, the first time I applied the product, I was astonished at how well it worked! Now, it didn't completely erase my pores, but I noticed that they were indeed visibly blurred and that I had an almost airbrushed look. Something else I noticed about this product was its velvety feel and finish on my skin, just like baby skin! This product does not have color so it isn't for concealing but it work very well on pores!

2. My second favorite item this month was the e.l.f Zit Zapper. Both Liza and Elina shared how well it worked so I thought I'd give it a try. Plus, it was only a dollar at Target! #TargetDoesItAgain! This roll-on product worked well for me. Over a period of a few days I noticed that it helped to reduce redness and swelling caused by my *wonderfully* acne-prone skin. It smells minty, like menthol and that is due to the Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Camphor in it. It's now definitely a staple in my skin care routine!

3. If you read my last A Few Of My Favorite Things post, you know I'm a lip balm lover! I can now proudly say that since my last post, I have nearly finished two lip products, and one of which was my EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. I first got "into" the evolution of smooth (EOS) when my mom purchased an EOS lip balm several years ago. She had a couple of them in our stock pile so I asked for one. I've used this lip balm almost daily and I can say that it definitely moisturizes. I've also noticed that this lip balm is long lasting which I think could be attributed to the thickness of the product. I even bought three more! I got the Strawberry Sorbet, the limited edition Passion Fruit and the Blueberry Acai. 

4. I don't always have time sign on to blogger to check my favorite blogs (can you tell?) and read the latest posts, so I decided to download the Bloglovin' app. Now, if you know me, then you know how picky I am when it comes to having apps on my phone! I don't like to take up my phone's memory if I don't need whatever's on there and that includes pictures, notes, and apps! Basically, if there's an app on my phone, then you know I like it! I like that I can easily see when a favorite blog has a new post and I like that I can "heart" posts. The cool part is that the "hearts" are saved so I can look back to any post I want to re-read or reference.

I hope you enjoyed this month's installment of A Few Of My Favorite Things! For this month's giveaway, one lady willwin an EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit! All you have to do to enter is tell me what are some of your favorite apps? If you don't have apps, then share some of your favorite things (movies, music, products, etc.) (Giveaway open until 4/2. Must live in the USA)

(Disclaimer: The items in this post were not selected or mentioned for review)
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