Thursday, May 8, 2014

BFF Tag! With Alicia

Alicia is such a gem. She and I are cousins who grew up like sisters. We are only three weeks apart. She said, (and I totally agree!) that she is my prima hmna, crib-mate, babysitting buddy, crime fighting, make believe playmate, long time confidant, and sister-in-Christ. I love her so much and have truly been blessed by her! 

A while back, she and I collaborated in filming a BFF Tag. You can watch part 1 on her blog here and enjoy part 2 + funny bloopers on mine :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tomorrow Is A Really Big Day + Giveaway Winner

If you follow me on Instagram (@kianna_rose) then you might know that tomorrow I take my SATs! I'll admit, I am pretty excited for this test! When I attended public school, I was a great test taker. I paced myself well, I was never one to have nervous breakdowns and I always scored high (so I hope that those good test taking skills will be present)! Tomorrow, though, I will be confronted with a much longer test, one whose score can very well determine my college education! 

Since the beginning of 11th grade, I have been prepping and studying for this test. I've worked on my vocabulary and I've watched YouTube videos to sharpen my math skills. I spent much of this week in my room taking practice tests, so I believe that mentally, I am prepared. All of this prepping got me thinking: What if I don't score well? Several times I simply brushed these thoughts aside, but this week, I addressed those creeping fears. So, what if, for some reason, I don't score well? I am continually reminded of my life verse, Jeremiah 29:11 
If I don't score well, I know that HE was in control. I know that HE has my life in His hands and HE knows what is best for me! Maybe I won't go to college or pursue a profession. Maybe that isn't God's will for my life. BUT, I want to leave the results up to HIM and be content with whatever happens!

I was telling my mom today that I am excited for this test. I told her that it excites me to know that this it's the first step in my plan to attending college, it's the first step to a future that HE has mapped out for me. I look forward to a wonderful future and all that awaits me. I know that there will be challenges and struggles ahead but I also know that there will be victories!


Now, onto the winner! Thank you ladies for sharing your favorite apps and entering my April giveaway. The winner is: Karen!!! Congratulations! 
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