Saturday, August 3, 2013

Portraits // Alicia

On July 27th, Alicia and I decided to have a little photo shoot. We had done one about six months back and at the time we realized how hard it is to pose and shoot in manual all while getting some decent photos of each other. We faced several setbacks, like uncharged cameras but we got through it laughing. We vowed that the next time we had a photo shoot, we'd be more prepared and we were. We busted out "the BIG cameras" and scouted the location we planned to shoot in. We got a sense of light and where we wanted each other to pose. We had so much fun! 

Ali (as I call her) is my now 16 year old cousin. We've been besties forever and have these funny inside jokes that with just the slightest look at the each other, we can burst out laughing. She is super talented at drawing (even though she won't admit it) and her laugh makes me laugh. Without further ado here are just a few of my favorites of her. She's gorgeous!
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