Saturday, March 14, 2015

Book Review: One Sentence Storybooks

About the Book:
unknown.jpgOne sentence. One Bible story.One great teachable moment.

Each storybook contains beginning vocabulary words and charming illustrations as well as a devotional activity for parent and child to do together. All these elements combine for an outstanding educational and faith-building experience.

My Review:
Bible Favorites One Sentence StoryBooks by Nancy I. Sanders is a darling collection of one sentence story books. The illustrations, bright and colorful, appeal to small children. In addition, the simple sentences encourage reading comprehension as well as vocabulary. 

My younger sister Genesis really enjoyed these ten mini books. She'd flip through the pages and though she is past the reading level, she enjoyed the extra activities in the last few pages of each book. The Story booklets feature stories from the Old and New Testament including: The Sun and Moon, Two Mice and the Ark, Moses and the Bush, David and the Giant, The City Wall, The Star and the Kings, Jesus on the Water, The Good Shepherd, The Sad Son, & The Angel and the Cave. The first book beginning with creation and the last the resurrection of Christ.

I personally think that this idea, one sentence mini books, is a great idea for small children. 

The set of ten books comes in a small light weight cardboard box featuring a Velcro tab. The fact that these 5.5"x7" readers can all be stored together minimizes loss.These take up very minimal space in the home and can easily be brought along when traveling.


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