Friday, April 12, 2013

Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow never comes. It simply never does. Sometimes I put off something for tomorrow only to realize as I go to bed that whatever I had postponed never got done. I silently chide myself and say "tomorrow" but again the opportunity never comes. Why? Well, tomorrow never comes.

I want to live life to the fullest so that if tomorrow never comes, I won't have any regrets. I'm not talking about doing the really outrageous things. No, I'm talking about enjoying the simple pleasures of life, like windy, rainy mornings and playing with my sweet little sister. I'm talking about taking that one picture that makes me smile, doing that one thing that makes me happy and saying that one thing to make another person glad. I'm taking about writing that fiction story, emailing that newspaper for a position and just taking chances. I'm taking about being a bit daring and trying tea even if you think you don't like it. I'm talking about those things; things that reveal that there is truly beauty in the mundane. 

I've learned that tomorrow never comes. Opportunities are missed, chances are lost and gifts never get opened when we wait for tomorrow. People never know how much you love them, appreciate them, if you hold off saying so until tomorrow. I want to live life to the fullest so that if tomorrow never comes, I won't have any regrets. I'm going to take every opportunity, chance and gift that comes my way because tomorrow never comes and neither do special moments exactly like those I've missed. Postponing is a great defeater of living today. Living today is the greatest defeater of postponing and "living tomorrow"

Can you take chances? If you don't today, tomorrow will never come. Trust me.


  1. There truly is no such thing as tomorrow. Tomorrow is the next day and when the next day comes its called today and tomorrow becomes the next day. I loved your picture it looks so nice.

  2. Great post, Kianna! Yesterday at my youth rally the preacher preached on this exact subject! We can't wait until tomorrow arrives because it will never arrive. We need to do it today!


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