Monday, October 7, 2013

Something Fun: 5 Favorite Things Swap

Recently, I have found different swaps among bloggers and Instagramers. You know, when different people mail each other little trinkets and gifts. Well each swap I had seen was over by the time I wanted to join. Bummer! Then Liza, Elina, Deanna and I decided to host a swap of our own! After discussing the details, we came up with the swap theme: 5 Favorite Things! For this swap, participants will mail their partner 5 of their favorite things. Sounds fun!?!
Well, we've decided to invite all of you to participate in this swap. Just email us here and you'll get paired up with someone. 

Here are just a few rules and extra information to get you started in this swap:
  • The swap sign up starts October 7 and the sign up closes on October 21!
  • When you receive your package, don't forget to share what you received in a blog post or on social media sites using #5favthingsswap
  • When you send your partner their package, don't forget to include a little note with your social media links like Instagram so that you can connect after the swap too!
  • This giveaway is for U.S. residents only. Sorry :(
  • When sending your gifts, you will have to pay for the shipping fee, and stamps. (Just in case you were wondering:)
  • And last but definitely not least, don't forget to ship out your partner's package by October 31! Their counting on you!

    Have fun with this swap and think outside of the box when you're filling up your partner's box with 5 of your favorite things. Girls of all ages are going to be a part of this swap so gifts must be appropriate. 

    If you would like to be a part of the swap, just tell us a little about yourself (like if you have any allergies!) and send your full mailing address (don't worry, your address will be kept private)

    Do you think your friends might be interested in joining us in this swap? Feel free to share with them the details! The more the merrier!


    1. Hello Kianna! I just found your blog this morning and although I won't be able to participate in THIS swap (our family has so much going on right now!) I am really looking forward to reading your posts in the future! Even though I am a bit younger, I believe we have a lot in common, and you have helped me get a vision for my blog! -Lydia

      1. Hello Lydia! It's so wonderful of you to stop by :)

        I look forward to your visits in the future. We're sorry to hear that you won't be participating in this swap, but we'd like to send you something anyway. If you'd like and if it's alright with your parents, you can email me your mailing address and we'll send you a little something. My email is

        Have a blessed day!

    2. Replies
      1. Hello Emma and thanks for stopping by!

        The theme of this swap is "5 Favorite Things" and that means that you, for example, would send your partner (the person we pair you up with) five of YOUR favorite things. Anything goes! Just keep gifts appropriate :)

    3. Hello there Kianna! I have given you an award at my blog and you can see it here:


    4. Hi Kianna! I so sad I missed this giveaway/swap! =( Maybe next time!



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