Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Review

Growing up I really didn't like reading. I saw it as a bore and a waste of time. It was even hard for me to stay awake while reading the Bible. Over the years God has put in me the desire to read. I sometimes find myself reading late into the night a good book I felt I just can't put down. I thought that I would share with you some of the books I like.

1.Left Behind: The Kids. These books are about 4 young children who somehow have heard about Jesus, but haven't given their lives to Him. The rapture occurs and the 4 of them are left to fend for themselves while their family and friends have been taken up into the clouds. Judd, Vicky, Lionel, and Ryan all meet and unite and receive Jesus. They are left in the tribulation, fighting for their faith and lives. I have books 1-8 and so far they are really good. Can't wait to get the rest of the series. There are 40 books!!!

2.Elsie Dinsmore Classics: Book 1: These books take place on the southern plantations of Roselands, The Oaks, Ion, Viamede and Woodburn. Elsie is a young girl whose mother died during child birth and father despises her. He feels as though the child had taken away his lovely wife. Elsie must learn to obey her ungodly Papa's every command as long as they do not interfere with her biblical notions. Elsie father learns to love her and Jesus after time. Through out this series you feel the love and laughter (and you'll probably cry). The Elsie Dinsmore classics have 28 books. I am up to number 3...
3. The Shiloh Legacy: In My Father's House. I have just started this series by Bodie Thoene. They are about 4 young main men fighting in WWI, risking their lives for freedom and peace. Birch, Max, Ellis, and Jefferson's stories are shared and through the struggle of the Great Depression, God works in the midst of it all. This book has different story lines, which is a highlight for me in books. They keep you suspenseful. I have finished book one, am up to book 2 and there are 3.

Aizess over at Home School Journal wrote this review on it:

In My Father's House (Shiloh Legacy series #1) by Bodie and Brock Thoene was an excellent read. Excitement was high throughout the book and I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptive language that was showered throughout it. I was drawn into the stories of Birch, Max, Ellis, and Jefferson.

This is the first book that I have read with different story lines happening at once. So, I disliked this format at first. Afterward, I got used to it and, actually, it enhanced the suspense in the book because the Thoenes would usually leave characters' stories at such critical points! Also, this book dealt with some serious immoral issues such as fornication; however, the Thoenes deal with these issues in the right way and in the end they contribute significantly to the series.

I love the way the Thoenes weave Christianity into the book in such a smooth way. The few sermons that are in the book were a blessing. Sometimes, they even made me want to shout AMEN! And the strong faith of the Canfield family was a breath of fresh air.

I enjoyed this book immensely and would highly recommend it.

I hope that you will look into these books and see if they are something you'd be interested in. All of these books are Christ centered and are good reads. Comment below if you have read them any of the books or if you have any suggestions. I'd love to hear them. Check back for more great books reviews


  1. I have read most of these books and have enjoyed them. Thanks for introducing me to the Left Behind Kids series. I have read the adult series and greatly enjoyed them.
    ** THANKS for adding my review to your blog:-)

  2. I know that it was only the Lord that put the desire and the will to read His Word as well as books that are edifying.

    Enjoy your new books!

  3. Great books!
    I read all 28 of the Elsie, they sure are Christ centered, but the story started becoming predictable. Aizess introduced the thoene books to me and they are great so interesting and Godly. I'm up to the fourth book of the Zion Covenant series.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Aizess. Hope you will enjoy future posts
    Your welcome... if you ever read the Left Behind: The Kids, you'll enjoy them as much as you did the adult series.
    Your review was great and I thought it would be great to share it...

    Thanks Mom for your encouragement... I praise God for you!!!

    Thanks Ali for stopping by, too. Wow your already up to the fourth book... last I heard, you were on book three and that was a few days ago.

  5. Hello Kianna! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Haha, my middle name is Rose! :) Love the look of your blog! <3

  6. I came across you blog from the link you left on Bella Skyes' blog.I thought it was going to be 'just another photography blog' but when I saw the books, I said, Oh! it's a "Book Review Blog!" It's all really cute, I love the wallpaper! :) I hope you do very well on your journey through blogspot.

    Even though I haven't read any one of those books, I like what you wrote about them. Well done. :)

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm following. ;) I L-O-V-E the Left Behind the kids books! Have you heard of the Bonnets & Bugles series? Those are pretty good. And the Red Rock Mysteries. They're by Jerry Jenkins too.

  8. Thank you Kendra Lynne for stopping by. I haven't heard of "Bonnets & Bugles" or the "Red Rock Mysteries", but will def. look into them. :)

  9. Hello Kianna! Thanks for stopping by my blog, your blog is lovely too! From reading about you, I see we have much in common! O, and I LOVE all of the Elsie books! Have you ever heard of A Life of Faith? Well,they have all of the Elsie books, but also ones about other girls that are very similar. Have a blessed day,


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