Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Adventures

This summer, I have been extremely busy. These past weeks alone have been so hectic but so exciting. Here's a recap of my adventures. (Sorry, I'm really backed up on pictures and posts:)

July 22-23:
That weekend I went to Camp Taconic on a girls retreat. This retreat focused on desiring Jesus by learning how we all are chosen, holy and loved by our FATHER in heaven. (Colossians 3:12) My lovely friends joined me: Ali, Aizess, Helen, and Alexa. We were all blessed in the presence of the LORD. Thank you Jesus for what your doing in our lives!
The Cole Room was the conference room we went to.
We had some extra time to play around...

I took so many more pictures, but my camera is not letting me upload them...
August 2: That day our church's sunday school students went to Manhattan and rode the Circle Line boat. I had so much fun getting to see the ENTIRE island. We saw the Statue of Liberty and waved at her. (So tourist like.) We also saw the Empire State building,the Chrysler building, and many other beautifully structured sky crapers. Even though I live in New York, I rarely go to Manhattan. I love the pace of New York City, the traffic of people from all walks of life, and mostly the lights of Time Square.

Me and The Beast.

Ticket Booth.

There she is... the Statue of Liberty.
A beautifully structured building.

Do you see part of the water taxi?

The Staten Island Ferry

I love this shot.
Our shadows. (Urania, Me and my cousin Ali)
A bridge. (Don't remember which one)
August 5-6: That weekend our church joined other congregations at Camp Mahanaim. The services were a blessing. On that trip, I learned (and am still learning) to praise God With everything I have.
Us girls. (Me, Ali, and Aizess in the pool)
Camp fire. (All of the different churches ran around the fire.)

Sister Maria praising the Lord.

Intercession is beautiful.

When we were driving home, it started to rain. Isn't rain lovely!?!

This was so good! A double stacker and a pink lemonade!

That's how it's done!

Now what? I was kind of bored on this 2 hour trip back home so I read a bit (I Kissed Dating Goodbye) and then fell asleep. (I will not, CANNOT, show you those pictures!!!)

I hope you all had fun reading up on my summer so far. I promise, there will be many more updates and pictures on the rest of it!
*All images belong to Kianna Rose and Kianna's Korner. Thank you.

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  1. I knew that all you girls were going to be blessed and come out testifying of God's greatness on the retreat.

    The trip to Camp Mahanaim..was..WOW! I had such an amazing time enjoying all that the Lord had in store for us:) The praise and the Word the Lord had for us was all right on time.

    It was a nice surprise that I ended up going to the Circle Line trip on my b-day.

    The last picture...that is so you!

    Because of the Cross,
    Your mom


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