Monday, December 19, 2011

Book Review: The Mercy

The Mercy written by Beverly Lewis is the heart warming tale of young Rose Ann Kaufman.

Rose Ann's life is taking turns for the worst. After her Mamm's mysterious buggy accident ten years ago, and the many problems that unfold from that point on, Rose Ann is certain that she will never get married. Oh, the ache she feels in her heart to be a "sweet wife and mama." Rose  Ann can't seem to find a husband, even with the help of several family members.  When Rose finally meets a remarkable young man, she continually finds herself thinking about her now, silenced bishop's foster son, Nick Franco. Will the memories of her and Nick's past bring them together or will life change yet again for Rose, detouring her from happiness?

Hen, Rose's prodigal sister has returned to the county against her husband's will. After a nearly fatal car crash, her husband, Brandon needs her help to recover. Their divorce in on hold... until Brandon is nursed to health. Will Hen's and Brandon's love deepen throughout the course of his recovery?

Is God's mercy so big to cover them Rose and her sister, and those in need of forgiveness?

Journey along with Rose Ann and Hen, as they learn to love, forgive, and trust God.

This book was a page turner! After I read The Thorn and The Judgementt, I knew that I had to read book three in The Rose Trilogy, The Mercy. Beverly Lewis wittingly weaves appropriate romance, mystery and emotion into her Amish books. I loved the way this novel ended along with the unpredictable plot twists throughout the book.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves a good Amish tale or a page turning mystery. The romance is appropriate and the need of God's help is prominently mentioned throughout.

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. If you'd like to read The Mercy you can purchase it from Amazon, Amazon Kindle, CBD and E-Reader


  1. Oh, this books sounds so good! I love these kinds of stories. ;) This post makes me want to read it! ;)

  2. @Lily Marie I am glad that this post inspired you Lily. If you have time, you should really read the Rose Trilogy. These books are very interesting!

  3. Even though I did not read the series, I did enjoy hearing the re-caps you would give me about Rose, Nick and Silas.

    I look forward to you telling me about the rest of the Shiloh series.

  4. I LOVE to read! Have you opened your etsy yet? If so what is the name so I can find it.

  5. @Emma Margaret Hello Emma. I will be opening it shortly. Thank you for visiting my blog and showing an interest in my shop.

  6. Ooh, thanks for the book idea! It sounds great, I need a few more series to read after the million I just finished. ;) You can never read enough. Maybe the library has some in our area!


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