Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Score Thrifty: With Just Twenty Dollars In My Pocket

Today I went thrifting with one goal in mind: get as many things as possible, all with out going over my $20 budget. I had seen the idea on Pinterest and knew that it'd be a great challenge for me. I think that if I have this goal every time I go thrifting, I'd be more selective and choosy about what I get and how much I spend. Believe me, my wallet will thank me later! Doing this challenge also made thrifting extra fun; almost like a treasure hunt….

My first stop was to a thrift store in Mt. Vernon; a cutesy little neighborhood with pretty shops and what not. I like going to this thrift store for their great shoe selection and pretty baskets and skirts and you get the idea. I once found a pair of TOMS there! Today I found these super cute biker-esqe, vintage boots. They were regularly $7.99 but since this thrift store has the shoes at 50% off, these boots only cost me $4! They were the single most expensive thing I purchased!
 The detailing in these boots is just gorg. The snaps there allow you to fold the high-top part down.
I also scored this beautiful Gap jacket (I should have steamed it first) I plan on wearing this when the weather gets a bit colder with one of my new scarves. It was regularly $6.99 but with an additional 50% off, I scored it for just $3.49
I love the detailing in the sleeves and neckline.
My second and final stop was to my neighborhood thrift store. This store is "THE" place to get great books! They sell them for 90% off the original retail price!
I got this vintage Snoopy 5 piece book set for about $0.30! When I saw it on the shelf, I didn't even thumb through it! I just saw that awesome graphic cover and was like "I'm getting it!" Then, in the car, I looked at them and guess what? These 5 books are…. comic books! Sweet!

I also scored these American Girl books for my little sister at about $0.19 apiece! When she learns how to read, she'll really enjoy these :|
I like helping Genesis grow her library so these classics are her's as well. I remember reading and loving these books as a kid! Now, wasn't that Amelia Bedelia something? I also bought some other books for Genesis and even an English & Grammar book for me… I guess that in the spur of my happiness to start 11th grade I bought that English book.
I borrowed Joshua Harris's book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" from the library about two years ago and didn't get to finish it then… We went on a trip during the time I had borrowed it and it just didn't get done. I loved it SO much that I bought a copy of my very own! The best part? It only cost me $0.20!

So, at the end of the day, I only spent 13.47!!! I was under budget!

I think that today's "haul" went well. I purchased a great crop of books all 90% off the original retail price and even scored some pretty awesome boots for the fall! 

So, I dare you to try this challenge! The next time you go thrifting, set a budget and try to find as many things you can while staying at or below budget!


  1. Awesome finds Kianna! I am hoping that tonight I can go to goodwill or maybe Salvation Army, that is with the only money in my wallet at the moment. And also keeping in mind to not spend it all like you did with your $20!

  2. Love the boots! Super cute. Great motivator to stay on budget.

  3. That's awesome! Good job! :) I love when I can find books (and clothes) at a low price. :)

    God bless you and have a great day!
    Joy :)


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