Thursday, October 13, 2011

Movie Review - Letters To God

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Have you heard of the movie, "Letters To God.”? I  received a bookmark from my pastor that announced the movie's message. After searching around on the web, I discovered a great, heart-warming movie. 

"Letters To God" is the true story of young Tyler Doughtie. At age 8, Tyler is battling with cancer and develops a tumor in his brain. To communicate his feelings regarding friends, family and even food, Tyler begins to write letters to God. Where do letters addressed to "Heaven" really get sent to, anyway? Brady, the town's substitute postman receives Tyler's letters each morning and knows what to do. As Brady reads the letters of his new friend, he is given hope. Brady discovers a light that shines over his dark and troubling past. As Tyler's health begins to improve after painful chemotherapy, he is allowed to play on his soccer team again. Will a fatal blow end the life of this boy, or will he overcome the impossible?

As I watched this movie, I was inspired by Tyler's strength. He seemed to accept his disease and find faith. I don't know what it's like to face a life threatening disease, but I can imagine that it is a frightening experience. Tyler was also understanding and forgiving when he is teased about losing all his hair due to chemotherapy. Throughout this movie, there are hints of humor that are refreshing, especially, during the "sad" parts.

I recommend watching this movie. It's enjoyable and touching. If you and your family would like to watch this movie you can find it here.  (note: The movie is broken up in several parts.)


  1. This sounds like a wonderful movie! I'd love to watch this. :)

  2. Ohh how cool! Pastor gave me one as well and wanted to watch this movie I'm so excited to watch it. Thanks.


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