Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For The Love of Vintage

Vintage things are lovely. They transport me to a sweeter, simpler, and lovelier time. Every piece of vintage jewelry I see, there is a beauty that isn't seen today. Brightly colored bracelets and intricately fashioned necklaces are beautiful. Vintage clothing is so modest, but still so fashionable and feminine. Vintage decor is elegance at it finest.

via Pinterest

What are you favorite vintage things? I'd love to hear about them. 


  1. I LOVE vintage dresses! They are so pretty. Some of them, I admit, can be strange, but the flow-y ones...sigh! ;)

  2. I have a vintage piece of jewelry that my mother gave me and I treasure it.
    It is so very special to me. It has an inscription which makes it even more unique and lovely.

  3. What a beautiful collage. My favorite picture is he one with the pink type writer. I could so see you with a vintage wedding in the future:)


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