Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking Over Old Letters

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. 
 ~Phyllis Theroux
Over the years, I've collected letters, birthday cards and special notes from my friends and family. When I get some spare time I like to look over them all and after, I count my blessings. Each personal note was written just for me. I love reading them over and over, thinking back on "old times" with special friends or funny moments and memories. Each letter holds words, yes, but also memories that I always hope to cherish.

My favorite letters have been those that have brought encouragement and like the quote above says, they move my heart and sometimes... spur on tears. 

My favorite letters have been those of my cousin. She writes little notes that let me know she has been thinking about me and always asks pardon for her handwriting. It's beautiful, by the way.

My favorite letters have been those that don't say anything at all but have been drawings and scribbles from busy, yet thoughtful little hands.

So, I want all of my letter writers to know, I keep each and every one.

What are your favorite letters?


  1. I love that God always finds a way to get to me a little note of encouragement from the tenderest of hearts and littlest of hands when He knows I need it:)

  2. I love letters SO much. It's nice to make and recieve cards and letters.
    I love that quote.
    This inspired me to write letters more often, thanks so much.


  3. Sister Maria

    Dear Kianna may the Lord continue to use you..keep you and bless you.
    He is the one and only want that can sastified and complete us.
    it sooo sweet that you keep all these evidence of love. you truly are special young girl.

    I enjoy reading some of what God is doing in your life.


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