Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Babysitter's Club

Last night was the first time I've babysat! Of course, I've watched my little sister and a few kids during Tuesday service but that hardly counts. 

About a year or so ago, we met Laura, our new neighbor from California. We've talked a bit, have had tea and cake and see each other ever so often. After I turned 15, Laura asked me if I would like to babysit little Donald.

She said, "You know 15 is prime age for babysitting."

I was super excited when my mother told me about last night's offer. Giddy with excitement, I began planning what I'd do with the little guy and hoped that we'd hit it off well. I hoped that he'd feel comfortable around me and that God would spare me from having to change any dirty diapers:) But, I would if necessary...

When I got there, Laura and Donald Sr. gave me permission to raid their cupboards, use their computer and talk on the phone. I didn't do any of that... I'd just feel really weird rummaging through someone's kitchen and then start blogging. The two headed off for a dinner date and there I was, just me and the sleeping baby. Donald slept the whole time, much to my disappointment. (I've yet to really meet him) Since I had tons of free time on my hands, I got time to admire the couple's lovely apartment and of course document my experience on instagram. (@kianna_rose)

Here are the two shots from my feed.
 //baby-cam, notes and numbers//
//i'm lovin' it//


  1. Well be thankful that he slept the whole time. If he weren't, who knows what might've happened?

  2. That sounds so cool! I really want to babysit- once I get certified of course. :)


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