Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Amazing Start To A Beautiful Spring

I can't believe that spring is already upon us. It seems like just yesterday, flip flops and short sleeved tees were being packed away for the long "winter" ahead. That long winter never arrived and now spring is upon us. 

lovely little flowers growing in my "backyard" Ali should get that one:)

 warm spring weather means zoo trips

 a lovely bloom

 sturdy oak and her amazing blooms

 tunnel (left side)

 tunnel (right side)

 the entrance



a seal who likes to show off

A new year and a new spring season means the formation of new memories. What are you most excited about this spring season?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Rachel! I do enjoy photography:)

  2. Haha we do in fact "share" the same "back yard." I can't wait for the opportunity to take more wonderful pics of Gods creations.

  3. You know me...Spring Cleaning...Ha!

  4. I enjoy Spring because it ushers in Summer:)
    I love to see all the beautiful foliage....


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