Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Peek Into My Passport...

Did you know that my family is Ecuadorian?  I was born in the United States, but my families roots lie embedded in the beautiful South American country of Ecuador.

Here's a bit of background history of my family:
A young woman works at the local factory. A friend of hers introduces her to a young man. The young woman and young man fall in love and later marry. After a few years, the idea of journeying to America fills the young man's thoughts. He begins his voyage to America, leaving his young wife in the care of his parents. This young man sets out in search of the American dream. After many years of toil and hard work, the young man has saved up enough money to send for his wife. Together, husband and wife face many hardships. "Que?" "No entiendo?" Yes, the language was a barrier. Soon, after much effort and determination, the young couple assimilate to city living. Years of hard work allow the couple to move into their own apartment in Manhattan, where they raised three daughters. One of which was my mom, Sydney.
That's pretty much the long story made short!

My extended family lives in small town called Milagro or Miracle in Spanish. 

Here's a little history of Milagro:
"The name Milagro is derived from a legend. The story goes that in 1784, a man called Miguel de Salcedo arrived to the farm that is now Milagro, which in that time was part of Yaguachi. 

His wife got sick and he started to look for a cure, but he couldn't find anything. One day a local Indian came to him and gave him a bunch of leaves and said that they will heal the woman. Miguel de Salcedo, as desperate as he was, gave those leaves to his wife hoping that they work out and they did. Miguel de Salcedo did not think that the leaves saved his wife, instead he thought that San Francisco de Asís had saved his wife. Everybody thought that it was a "miracle" (milagro), and from that day that land started to be called Milagro." via 

I visited Ecuador a few years back and being able to experience the difference in our cultures was life changing.  I am thankful for the opportunity I had to visit the land where it all began.

Here is a look into life in Milagro, Ecuador:

 grandma buying oranges from a fruit cart

 "el centro" or "the center"
the marketplace


 local daycare center

donkey cart, car and a dog all on the same there's something you don't see everyday:)

mango blossoms

papaya tree from my uncle's backyard

my mother handing out school supplies and sharing the word of God

these children all opened up their hearts and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior

another classroom of children that receive Jesus into their hearts

home that is made of dried out sugar cane

the street signs in Ecuador are similar to those in the United States


this is my great great-grandmother, Luisa. From stories I've heard of her, 
she was a very wealthy woman, hence her fan, elegant dress and 

my grandmother (dressed in blue)

I enjoyed walking you through a bit of my family tree.  Since my grandmother has a break from working...we have been enjoying much more precious time with her.  My mom has been chronicling stories from the days of old.  I hope to hold onto her journal and share it with the generations that follow.  But the most precious gift that I can pass on is the saving grace of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

What is something that you hope to share with those that follow?


  1. This was such a nice post Kianna. One of the three little girls was my mother, Karen:) You must be changing because in that picture of your mom I thought it was you! Is grandma Luisa Grandma Rosa's mother? Nice to read my families history:)

    1. Great great grandma Luisa is great grandpa's mother. (Grandma Ines' father's mother:)

  2. I loved going to Ecuador as a child. Getting to spend time with my family and being a part of their culture and everyday life was fascinating to me.


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