Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Photo A Day Challenge Day 4-10

I can barely believe that it's already August 11! Time flies when you're having fun! This challenge has been a blast but also a bit trying (in a good way:) To find creative things to photograph everyday is an assignment for us, girls and by the looks of it, by the end of the month, we'll have completed our mission. Now for the fun part:

Scrap fabric makes for a fabulous object

little ones:
Kids will be kids


Blue skies make me smile

where I stand:
I don't have a garden... per say:) The trials of a city girl... 

Rustling leaves in the twilight times

morning routine:
Never stop praying!


  1. Great Job! It definitely is a challenge to find inspiration at times;) love the fabric, gonna have to come over some time to see that finished product. I also like the water pic, that one was hard for me, but you did a great job!


  2. I enjoy seeing your interpretation of the daily challenges. I am partial to the photo of the little ones...haha!

  3. These are lovely, I'm sorry I couldn't participate, my August has been very busy. If you have another one I will definately take part.
    God Bless


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