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Litfuse Blog Tour: The Haven

About the Book:
Spring brings new life, young love, and second chances to Stoney Ridge.

On a warm spring day, Sadie Lapp returns home to her quiet, unassertive life in Stoney Ridge after spending the winter in Ohio.

Gideon Smucker, an awkward schoolteacher, has been in love with Sadie since childhood and eagerly awaits her return. But does Sadie feel the same about him?

Will Stoltz, a charming and impetuous college student, has been banished for a semester and sent to babysit endangered peregrine falcons nesting at the Lapp farm. He'd rather be anywhere else . . . until he befriends Sadie.

As the hopes and ambitions of these three young people converge, life in Stoney Ridge may never be the same.

Once again, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher intrigues and delights with a story that explores the bonds of friendship, family, and tru
e love in this captivating series

My Review:
The Haven 
is book two in the "Stoney Ridge Series", though because of the extra information Suzanne provides, it 
can stand alone. (If you haven't read book one, then you might want to, in order to get the full recap.) Having read part of The Keeper (book one), I was well acquainted with several of the main characters.

I have a fascination with the Amish. Their way of life appears to be tranquil and it is a drastic comparison to my busy city life. I realize that the Amish are not perfect people and neither are the rest of us Englichers. I found several characters of this book to be selfish (and they haven't changed), unrepentant of their sinful behavior and unmoved by their hypocritical ways. I know that we all struggle with sin, but there wasn't any indication of repentance. Perhaps the author wrote the story the way she did to show another side of the Amish.

The Haven takes readers on a journey into the daily lives of the Amish... with a twist. After a bomb-shell discovery, I found myself shocked! I enjoyed piecing together a "mystery" of sorts. 

The plot was definitely engaging. After reading this book, though, I came to an obvious conclusion: The problems posed in the beginning of the story (Who will Sadie Lapp choose? What is to be done about an abandoned baby?) weren't solved. 
This type ending leaves just enough room for another book and I'm sure that it will bring closure to a good series.

I liked part of Sadie Lapp's character. She became independent throughout the course of this book, learned to speak up and stand up for what is right. She blossoms into womanhood all while trying to figure things out for herself. Her attitude and how she kept her composure when finding a little bundle is commendable.

In my honest opinion, no one writes Amish fiction better than Beverly Lewis. Her characters, plot and romance are all well- written and well- incorporated. 

I'd rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. It was slightly flawed in my opinion but did have many strong points. I enjoyed it's three dimensional characters, nostalgic location and intriguing ending that  left me partially satisfied. I look forward to see how book three begins and ends and whether or not there will be closure to the problems brewing. I received this book from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for my review.


  1. How interesting! What exactly is the Litfuse Blog Tour? I've seen it on a few blogs now...

  2. Litfuse is a team of publicists who promote the latest in Christian books (including Christian fiction.) Pretty much anyone with an active blog can join and receive free books in exchange for their honest review.

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