Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Apps

We all have favorites, right? We have a favorite pair of shoes. We have a favorite shirt. We even have a favorite pen! Life is made up of many favorite things that make us happy. What are some of yours?

Here is a list of my five favorite iPod/ iPhone apps:

You Version Bible:
I really love this Bible app. I can easily access my Bible plans, devotions and look up any passage in multiple translations. With a tap of my finger, I can add notes, bookmarks, and highlights of specific passages. Another bonus feature is this app's social network aspect. I can read notes from other You Version Bible users and follow those whose notes encourage me. 

People ask me quite often, "What is Instagram?" It's basically a social networking app that allows you to share photos, like photos and comment on photos. All you have to do is snap a picture, choose a filter to transform it's look and feel, then post it! Simple. 

Find me on Instagram : @kianna_rose
My favorite Instagramers :@ali_see_ya : @his_swordmaiden : @freshbyolivia : @imhaleyjane : @stellapangilinan  

I'm sure that by looking around my blog, it's evident that I like to read. The only problem with books is that I might not always have handy and at times, they are cumbersome to carry. The Kindle app is great for reading on the go. I have tons of page-turning substitute books, in case one day I forget the book I am currently reading. There are even free books to get your Kindle library started.

As an Etsy shop owner, I have to be on top of my shop. With the Esty app, I can check messages and reply to customers. I can also edit my shop info. If you don't have an Etsy shop, you can still benefit from this app's many features. You can "heart" shops and favorite items, kind of like Pinterest:)

Pandora Radio:

It's sometimes hard to find Christian music. You can type "Christian music" in a search engine and tons of other stuff can pop up. On Pandora I can type in a favorite artist and only similar songs/ artists show on my personalized "station." Thanks Ali for the recommendation!

I also like K-Love Radio. It's a Christian radio station that not only airs the best commercial-free line-up of contemporary Christian music, but also helps you keep focused on what really matters.

And if you were curious about my iPod wallpaper... it's a snapshot of the wallpaper in a Vera Bradley store.

What are your favorite apps? 


  1. I love this post! I actually had the idea but haven't actually done it! We have some of the same favorites:)


  2. My favorite? Instagram!! :D
    Say do u have flow? I really like that game!! It's so fun!


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