Friday, February 8, 2013

Cozy And At Home

Over here in New York, we have received warning of a northeaster which is  a wind blowing from the north east. (duh, right?) After Hurricane Sandy, it seems as though everyone is taking this warning to heart and preparing for whatever may lie ahead, like gas shortages. Last night after church, we had to fill up the car tank and at the gas station we pulled up to the longest line I have ever seem in person. 

instagram : kianna_rose

this is what a northeaster does to new york: it creates gas lines that wrap around the block in both directions. #aftermathofhurricanesandy. and parking regulations are suspended!!! #wootwoot!

As I write this post, I am glimpsing ever so often out the window. There is snow falling so fast that it is accumulating. I can hear the wind and ice beat against the air conditioner and when I opened the window to snap a few photos, I was chilled through and through. So, since going outside is not an option, I'll spend part of my afternoon blogging cozy and at home.

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