Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Librocubicularist- Uh Huh!

I don't believe it! Do they really have a word for me and my kind? Yes, I am an avid book reader and reading in bed is my absolute favorite place in the whole wide world to read.

There, on my bed, I can read half of a 400-page book in one sitting. All concept of time vanishes. When I near the end of any story, I know it's time to put the book away, especially when my eyes begin to flutter closed.

Are you wondering it this is a fake word that book lovers have made up? Well, it's not a made up, fanciful, word. It's actually in the dictionary.

So, shout it from the roof tops:


Are you a librocubicularist?
What book(s) are you currently reading?


  1. Awesome. I, Josiah am reading Spiderweb for Two by Elizabeth Enright. I, Layla am reading Westward Ho by Charles Kingsley & The Phantom Ship by Captain Marryay. Have you read any of those? What are you reading right now?

    1. Hello Layla and Josiah,

      Thanks for stopping by:)

      No, I have not read any of those books yet. I am currently finishing up "Shattered" by Dani Pettrey and will start "To Honor and Trust" by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller.

  2. Love love this! The picture. Cuteness overload! Love the I heart NY cup:)

    From a fellow librocubicularist.

  3. Cool! The NY cup fits you perfectly too.
    Why such a long word though?


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