Friday, February 22, 2013

Score Thrifty: Washi Tape + Braided Bracelets

I love good deals! Whether I'm shopping around Target or hunting down the perfect find at my local thrift store, my eyes are almost always peeled, looking for something #scorethrifty. Hannah Sandersfeld inspired me to share my #scorethrifty deals and without further ado...

Now the regular price for this washi tape was $2.99. 
It was 70% off at Target and I snagged it for just $0.88! 
These bracelets are regularly $3.95 each (so for two it's $7.90) at H&M and they were on sale for $1.00 each.
On top of that, there was a BOGO (buy one, get one free) going on and instead of $1.00 each, they were $0.50 each!!! 
Pinking sheers of a super fun project I have planned... FREE!!!
And I obtained these by "dumpster diving"... don't judge:)
As soon as I saw this vintage copy of Little Women, I knew I had to have it.
At my local thrift store, books are 90% off the retail price and on half-price Wednesdays they are 
50% off the already low price. This book cost me $0.40! 
I bought this book a while ago...but just had to share:)
I love the frayed cover...
and the brown edges.
Now these are one of my favorites!!! At Target, a box of 20 striped paper straws sell for $3.00 but they were 90% off making them $0.30!!! Score!!!
Aren't they super, duper cute?!?

I also got a ton of really cute gift bags at Target for $0.09-$-0.18!!! Those bags were on clearance for 90% off. #canigetawootwoot?!? 

What are some of the #scorethrifty things you've scored recently?


  1. Looks like you had a great time shopping:) Might do a post on my recent thrift finds yay! For #scorethrifty

  2. too bad that's not actually washi tape! that would've been a great score!

  3. Awesome. Who doesn't love Target, right? ;)

    1. I know right!!! I love shopping at Target and they have so many #scorethrifty finds:)

  4. Wow!, I am a big fan of target, and they always have great deals!!


  5. Wow, it looks like you got some great deals! My favorites are the striped paper cute!

  6. Wow, I'm obsessed with good deals too! You have some great ones. :) My most recent one was a reeeally pretty, long maxi yellow skirt. It was originally like $56, and if you ask me, that is WAY WAY WAY too much for a skirt. :P But it was on clearance (hurrah) and I got it for $12.70 or something. :) I was pretty happy. I think it was at Sports Authority, though I'm not sure, and I normally don't shop there. :)

  7. I got a great deal on books this week for Sara which is a homeschooler's dream come true right?!

  8. Love these sort of posts! That dirt cheap washi tape....way awesome! Haha trust me! I don't judge the "dumpster diving" lol ;) You know what they say - One man's junk is another man's treasure!


  9. Ahh I love thrifting too! There is this place where I live in Pa called Creativve Re-Use, and they sell crafty things, fabric, sewing things, paper, wall paper, paints, vintage goodies, vintage sewing name it they have it! And the cool thing is you can buy a whole bag full of *stuff* for less than $5!


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